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Governance Structure

Omnia Learning Trust Governance Structure


The Trust consists of Members, Directors and Governors. The Members delegate oversight and accountability to the Board of Directors and the Governors assist the Directors at local school level. The Board oversees all the schools in the Trust.


Members are independent professionals who determine the vision and values of the Trust.


Directors (also called Trustees) are made up of the Trust CEO and independent professionals who oversee the quality of performance of the Trust.


Governors are staff, parents and community members and represent each school in the Trust.

Group Membership and Meeting Frequency


GroupMaximum Number Role Meetings per year
Trust Board9Directors4

Quality of Education and Safeguarding Committee

10Governors & Directors4
Operations Committee5Directors5


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The address for correspondence with the Trust Board is:

Omnia Learning Trust | 57 Colne Road | Twickenham| TW2 6QF


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