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We have an open invitation to join our Board of Trustees

The Omnia Learning Trust has an open invitation to skilled and experienced individuals who want to make a difference to the life chances of thousands of children. Our Board is made up of people who work in industries such as business, finance, construction, audit, education and policing. Our Trustees represent a broad range of characteristics and we encourage individuals at any stage of their life and career to consider becoming a Trustee.


Why become a Trustee?

The fundamental role of a Trustee is to positively influence the life chances of each and every child we teach. Trustees bring a unique blend of independent and professional experience to the table to provide a wide range of critical challenge and support to the running of our schools. Trustees help drive our children and staff to achieve their potential and strive for greater outcomes, year on year.


Trustees represent our stakeholders

Our schools are key hubs in each local community they serve. Trustees ensure that we are accountable to the areas we serve and can properly represent the needs and voices of our staff, pupils and parents. 


Improve your knowledge about the education sector

As a new Trustee you are not expected to have a working knowledge of the education sector and you will receive lots of training, support and guidance. What is more important to the role is your ability to digest a wide range of information and to ask key questions. Your professional experience will also come in handy, especially in areas such as finance, law, HR, Health and Safety, SEND, Safeguarding and much more.


How will I be supported as a new Trustee?

We will help you develop a range of both new and existing skills. In-house and independent training is provided and there is a wealth of opportunities for professional development. You might want to develop your professional expertise in a specific capacity such as SEND or Safeguarding, or to develop softer skills like team working, chairing and appraising staff performance.


It’s a challenge

There’s no denying that being involved in Trust governance is a challenge, but that’s a good thing. The role is important and it can put you out of your comfort zone when you have to get to grips with new policies, procedures and challenges.


It’s rewarding

We have a supportive Board and we try to retain a laser-like focus on improving outcomes and life chances for each pupil. Seeing our expectations have an impact on progress and outcomes is enormously impactful to Trustees as well as the children.


What is the time commitment per year?

All new Trustees are expected to attend four full Board meetings per year. Each Board meeting lasts about two hours and there is approximately 2-3 hours of reading to do in advance. We meet vitually for each meeting, however we hold an in-person away-day once a year to have lunch together and review our development plan.


After the first year, all Trustees are expected to join a committee. We have two committees - one to oversee the Quality of Education and Safeguarding, and the second to oversee all the operational aspects of running the schools. There are five meetings per year for each committee and again the meetings last about two hours with approximately 2-3 hours of reading to do in advance.


What time do you hold Board and Committee meetings?

All meetings are held during the working day to support our staff and volunteers with a healthy work/life balance. This will mean that you will need the support of your employer, if relevant, to attend meetings. The Trust can write to your employer setting out the nature of the role and time commitment if required. 


What is the selection process?

If you would like to find out more about the role and to have an informal exploratory conversation, please email 

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, please send an up-to-date CV to We will shortlist then interview candidates on the basis of their skills and experience. We are especially interested in candidates who are representative of the characteristics of any of our school communities and who have professional experience in key areas.


What skills or experience are relevant to the role of Trustee?

The wheel below shows many of the areas relevant to the governance of schools. It is not an exhaustive list and gives an illustration of the types of experience and skills you might need as a Trustee.

Safeguarding checks for Trustees

Safeguarding children is our number one priority and all Trustees must undergo a series of background checks before they are invited to join the Board. These checks will include:


  • Enhanced DBS check
  • Right to work in the UK check
  • Section 128 check
  • Social Media check


Are Trustees paid for their role?

Trustees are appointed on a voluntary basis. Reasonable travel and childcare expenses are reimbursed but our charitable articles prevent the Trust from paying individuals for their roles as Trustees. 

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